Commander RC Initiates Major Rule Change

Good news for Commander players! Your commanders with death triggers are back on the table!

Elenda, the Dusk Rose by Chris Rahn

The Commander Rules Committee has announced a new set of rules regarding “how commanders go to the command zone”.

Previously, the rules stated that commanders dying would not trigger death triggers, and although it was occasionally discussed, the rule was never altered, since the “obvious possible changes had a lot of downsides”.

The New Rule

If a commander has an ability which triggers on it dying or going to exile, it will trigger before heading to the command zone. 

According to Commander Rules Committee member Sheldon Menery, the change was initiated after it was revealed that a “portion of the CAG didn’t understand that commanders dying didn’t trigger death triggers and were quite passionate about the subject.”

The new rule is currently scheduled to be implemented with the “quarterly Commander announcement for Core Set 2021“.

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