Cloudman061, Mono-Red Dragons❄, Wins Alchemy Hooglandia Open

Cloudman061 takes down first Alchemy event with Mono-Red Dragons❄.

Fearsome Whelp illustrated by Ilse Gort

Cloudman061 won the Alchemy Hooglandia Open on Saturday with Mono-Red Dragons❄.

Cloudman061 ran the table on Saturday, going 9-0 in the double-elimination tournament with one of the new decks that got powered up with a handful of new digital-only cards. Mono-Red Dragons❄ gained Town-razer Tyrant and Fearsome Whelp in the maindeck and Brittle Blast and Conductive Current in the sideboard.

Town-razer Tyrant Fearsome Whelp

Dragon decks made up thirteen of the 43 players and three of the Top 8 thanks to the new tools in Alchemy: Innistrad. Cloudman061 defeated Morrie Cunningham on Boros Dragons in the finals while Avocategory finished in third with Esper Clerics.

Clerics was the other archetype to get the biggest injection from Alchemy: Innistrad, getting Inquisitor Captain and Angel of Unity. It also benefited from Alrund’s Epiphany getting nerfed, allowing midrange decks to return to the metagame. Builds of Clerics can range from Esper, Selesnya, Azorius, Orzhov, and even Mardu.

Inquisitor Captain Angel of Unity

Azorius Control had four pilots in the event, but failed to make the Top 8. The deck has the option of using Key to the Archive, Discover the Formula, Geistchanneler, and Forsaken Crossroads to varying degrees. It did outperform Mono-Black Control❄, which gained Cursebound Witch and Sanguine Brushstroke.

Key to the Archive Discover the Formula Geistchanneler

Cursebound Witch Sanguine Brushstroke

Other decks to make the Top 8 include Mono-Red Aggro❄ and Rakdos Midrange, utilizing a plethora of new cards. Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat, Arms Scavenger, Toralf’s Disciple, and Electrostatic Blast all saw play in one of these two decks in addition to cards like Town-razer Tyrant, Brittle Blast, and Conductive Current that made waves in the Dragons decks.

Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat Arms Scavenger Toralf's Disciple

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