Brad Nelson Bids Star City Games Farewell

Brad Nelson grew from an unknown online grinder to arguably the best Standard player in the world. Today he bids farewell to Star City Games.

Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson’s time with Star City Games has come to an end. 

From an unknown online grinder to arguably the best Standard player in the world, Nelson’s impact on Magic and content has been apparent for more than a decade. He joined Star City Games at the start of 2011, debuting with three articles and two videos in his first week on the website fresh off his Player of the Year win in 2010. 

Nelson kicked off his pro career with a ninth-place finish at Pro Tour Honolulu in 2009 and made Top 4 in Nationals later that year. He notched two Pro Tour Top 8s in 2010 as well as his first Grand Prix win in Washington DC, culminating in an incredible year where he tied Guillaume Matignon for first place in the Player of the Year race, setting up a playoff match to decide the winner. Nelson came out on top in February of 2011 and has done nothing but cement his name as one of the best Magic players in the world since. 

Nelson’s pro career is decorated with three Pro Tour Top 8s, two Mythic Championship runner-up finishes, and 19 Grand Prix Top 8s with three wins. He also has a storied career on the SCG Tour as the only player with a win at every level from Classic, Open, Invitational, and Players’ Championship. His totals on the SCG Tour include 11 Open Top 8s with three wins, three Invitational Top 8s with a win, and three Players’ Championship appearances, winning the first one in 2014. 

Since his first week on Star City Games to now, Nelson has been involved in all forms of content, whether it be written or recorded. He pioneered the Vs. series alongside Gerry Thompson in 2012, and has recorded them with the biggest names in SCG history. Nelson has also been a part of Above the Curve, set reviews, Flashback, and everything between. 

“I have had so much pride working for Star City Games and I want to thank the entire marketing team for all the hard work behind the scenes,” Nelson said. “They spent a decade making me look good and have always tried new things. SCG runs the best tabletop tournaments I have ever played – no matter the size.”

Check out Nelson’s farewell article in his own words here

Star City Games thanks Brad Nelson for all his contributions to both the company and the Magic: the Gathering community and wishes him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.