Azorius Gets New Angel In Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate

An iconic Angel from Magic’s past returns in new colors in Zendikar Rising!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), another iconic creature from Magic’s past returns in Zendikar Rising, this time in Azorius colors — Linvala, Shield of the Sea Gate!

In the past, we’ve seen Linvala appear twice, with both versions being mono-white, but for the first time in Zendikar Rising, Linvala breaks into Azorius colors, and also gains a new creature type — Angel Wizard.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence Linvala, the Preserver

Stats-wise, Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate is a solid, three-mana 3/3 flyer, but she also comes equipped with two powerful abilities. First, Linvala is able to activate a Detain-esque ability at the start of combat, but only if you have a full party.

Second, and where Linvala really shines, is her ability to sacrifice herself to give your other creatures either hexproof or indestrucible. This activated ability has no mana cost and can be activated any time, making Linvala a great insurance plan against decks packing sweepers or spot removal.