Arena Open Feedback Positive Despite State Of Ikoria Standard

Positive feedback rolls in for Arena Open on Twitter.

Scattered among tweets of win-loss records in the event, the first Arena Open appeared to be successful and well received on social media by Magic players. Most feedback included barbs at the state of the Ikoria Standard format in both Best-of-One and Best-of-Three, but generally praised the actual event.

Many players recognized the benefits of playing at their own pace and while some didn’t enjoy Best-of-One, they did acknowledge how quickly they could play the event or re-enter if needed.

One consistent complaint about the event was how difficult it was to play in for players outside of the United States due to time zone constraints.

Even players who missed on cash or had rough runs on Day 2 praised the ability to play the event in general and would like to see more.

Not everything was positive though, as some players encountered connection problems and issues with timers for being away from keyboard.