All Black Cards In Amonkhet Remastered Revealed

Get ready for Amonkhet Remastered with a look at all the set’s black reprints!

Thoughtseize, illustrated by James Ryman

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Dengeki Online, check out all the black cards returning to MTG Arena as part of Amonkhet Remastered!

Two cards being included in Amonkhet Remastered from outside the original Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation sets are the iconic hand disruption spell Thoughtseize (returning with the art from the Invocation variant by James Ryman) and fan favorite enchantment from Magic Origins, Demonic Pact (with new art from Manuel Castañón)!

Thoughtseize Demonic Pact

You can view all the black Amonkhet Remastered reprints below.

Archfiend of Ifnir Baleful Ammit Blighted Bat Bone Picker Bontu the Glorified Bontu's Last Reckoning Cartouche of Ambition Cruel Reality Demonic Pact Dispossess Doomed Dissenter Doomfall Dread Wanderer Dune Beetle Festering Mummy Final Reward Gravedigger Horror of the Broken Lands Khenra Eternal Lethal Sting Liliana, Death's Majesty Liliana's Defeat Liliana's Mastery Lord of the Accursed Marauding Boneslasher Miasmic Mummy Nest of Scarabs Never Pitiless Vizier Razaketh, the Foulblooded Ruthless Sniper Scarab Feast Shadow of the Grave Soulstinger Splendid Agony Supernatural Stamina Thoughtseize Torment of Hailfire Trespasser's Curse Trial of Ambition Unburden Vile Manifestation Wander in Death Wasp of the Bitter End Wasteland Scorpion

Amonkhet Remastered releases August 13 on MTG Arena.

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