WotC Revamps Prizes For Magic 30 Cosplay Contest After Community Outrage

Community backlash leads WotC to beef-up Magic 30 cosplay contest prizes

Killer Cosplay, illustrated by Leonardo Santanna

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has updated their prizing structure for cosplay contest being held at the Magic 30th anniversary convention.

After WotC posted the prizes last week, many members of the Magic community took to social media to point out that the awards don’t even come close to rewarding the time, effort, and personal financial investments that go into making these costumes.

Under the initial prizing structure, first place would award a $200 gift card and two VIP badges and a hotel room for another upcoming event. Runner up prizing would be capped at $100 gift cards.

The backlash from the community seemed to be received loud and clear by WotC, as they provided an updated structure with substantially increased prizes this past Monday. WotC opted to keep the $200 gift card, but now it will be supplemented by a $3000 cash prize. Runner up awards were buffed as well — awarding a $1750 cash prize and $1000 for individual category winners. You can view the full updated structure below.

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Magic 30 is scheduled to take place October 28-30 in Las Vegas.