Wilds Of Eldraine First Look Confirms Return Of Adventures, Food, Ashiok, And More

Check out the first card previews as Magic: The Gathering returns to the world of Eldraine

Illustrated by Piotr Dura

Magic: The Gathering returns to the plane of Eldraine this fall, with Wilds of Eldraine. Take a look at what was revealed from the set during the first look panel at Pro Tour The Lord Of The Rings in Barcelona.

Wilds of Eldraine Key Dates

  • Wilds of Eldraine Story: August 8–14
  • Debut and Previews Begin: August 15
  • Card Image Gallery Complete: August 25
  • Loading Ready Run’s Pre-Prerelease: August 26
  • Streamer Event on MTG Arena (formerly Early Access): August 31
  • Command Zone’s Game Knights Wilds of Eldraine Commander Gameplay: September 6
  • Global Tabletop Launch (Including Starter Kit): September 8
  • Prerelease at Your Local Game Store: September 1
  • MTG Arena Release: September 5
  • WPN Game Store Open House: September 8–10
  • Friday Night Magic: September 8–November 3
  • Commander Nights: September 9–November 9
  • MagicCon: Las Vegas and Magic World Championship XXIX: September 22–24
  • WPN Store Championships: September 30–October 8
  • Alchemy: Wilds of Eldraine Release: October 10

The official story will start on Daily MTG on August 8 and the debut video and start of preview season follows on August 15. Global tabletop launch in scheduled for September 8 with the MTG Arena release on September 5.


Let’s dive into the previews, starting with the new full-art basic lands.

A new cycle of creature lands are coming! Check out Restless Fortress and its borderless version.

Ashiok is the lone planeswalker in the set, a precedent that looks to be the norm following the events of the March of the Machine story arc. Feast your eyes on Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator.

One of the key characters in the story is Talion, the Kindly Lord — a Faerie Noble who serves as the mysterious protector of all of Eldraine’s people.

The adventure mechanic returns, this time on multicolor cards. Check out Cruel Somnophage.

An iconic blue spell is getting reprinted and will be joining its fellow one-mana cantrips in Pioneer, too. Here is Sleight of Hand with new art and its FNM Promo version.

We also got to see another mythic rare, Moonshaker Cavalry and the Store Championship textless prize card for it.

Syr Ginger returns, of course, and appears on Tough Cookie!

Enchanting Tales

Wilds of Eldraine will feature a bonus sheet that contains 63 enchantments, called Enchanting Tales. This bonus sheet will function similar to the retro-frame artifacts from The Brothers’ War and the Mystical Archive cards from Strixhaven: School of Mages. Each booster pack of the set will have one enchantment from the bonus sheet, using the awesome new frame seen below. Check out the first eight cards from the sheet with iconic hits like Necropotence, Doubling Season, and Rhystic Study.

In addition to the 63 Enchanting Tales bonus sheet, 20 of the cards used will have special borderless anime booster fun variants. See the first six below.

On top of that, Collector Boosters of Wilds of Eldraine will have confetti foil versions of the borderless anime variants. Rhystic Study shows off this treatment.

Wilds Of Eldraine Commander

Wilds of Eldraine will have two Commander Decks: Fae Dominion and Virtue and Valor.

Extra Wilds Of Eldraine Art

Lastly, enjoy some of the fantastic artwork coming in Wilds of Eldraine. Some of it reveals certain characters returning or making their first appearance.

Wilds of Eldraine will release on September 8.