Two In Custody, Charged With Level 5 Felony For Gen Con Trading Card Heist

Gen Con thieves arrested, charged with level 5 felony theft.

Last month, over $190,000 worth of trading cards were stolen from the show floor at Gen Con in Indianapolis. Now, over a month later, the cards have been recovered and two are under arrest.

According to IMPD, Thomas Dunbar and Andrew Giaume, two board game designers from New York, were identified as the suspects in the theft of a pallet of trading cards from Gen Con 2023. Initially estimated to cost upwards of $300,000, the owner of the cards, Pastimes Inc., was able to provide an itemized list of the stolen Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons cards to investigators, which totaled $195,652.

State Troopers recovered the 115 boxes of product on August 25 in New York, however investigators were allegedly in communication with the primary suspects’ lawyers as early as August 17.

Dunbar and Giaume are both being charged with Theft – a level 5 felony which carries potential fines and possible time in prison. 

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