Powerful Red And Green Mythic Rares Headline Tuesday’s The Brothers’ War Previews

Check out all the new cards from The Brothers’ War, previewed on Tuesday, November 1.

Argoth, Sanctum of Nature, illustrated by Cristi Balanescu

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out all the new The Brothers’ War cards previewed on Tuesday, November 1.

Gixian Puppeteer – Source | Zephyr Sentinel – Source

Platoon Dispenser – Source | Machine Over Matter – Source

Alloy Animist – Source | Union of the Third Path – Source

Great Desert Prospector – Source | Fauna Shaman – Source

Lay Down Arms – Source | Deathbloom Ritualist – Source

Steel Seraph – Source | Draconic Destiny – Source

Awaken the Woods – Source | Persistent Behemoth – Source

Gruesome Realization – Source |

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The Brothers’ War is currently scheduled to release on November 18. View our official preview gallery.