Murders At Karlov Manor Gets Official Release Date

First look and release dates for Magic’s first Standard set of 2024 revealed!

Teysa Karlov illustrated by Magali Villeneuve

Magic: The Gathering’s first Standard set of 2024, Murders at Karlov Manor, has received an official release date of February 9.

Murders at Karlov Manor is a top-down murder mystery set taking place on Ravnica, specifically Teysa Karlov’s manor, but not strictly limited to this location. Despite being set on Ravnica, it will reportedly not invole the guilds.

The set will also have a Universes Beyond offering in Ravnica Clue Edition, a new form of multiplayer Magic that welcomes fans of Magic and Clue alike.

Also making their debut during this set’s release, are Play boosters – Magic’s replacement for Draft and Set boosters. You can read about these packs in-depth in the article below.

More information for this set will be available on December 5 with the first look on WeeklyMTG. Be sure to check out the full 2024 MTG release schedule as well.

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