More Format Challenges Coming To Magic Online This Week

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to Magic Online

Duress illustrated by PINDURSKI

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released their weekly article detailing the updates and new events coming soon to Magic Online.

ONE Hits MTGO Tuesday

Phyrexia: All Will Be One will be available on Magic Online Tuesday, starting at 10 AM PT. Treasure chests will be updated, latest avatars will be added, new events and alternative play schedules will go live, and bundles will be available starting Tuesday.

RC Invites Up For Grabs This Weekend

Players can earn invites to the tabletop Regional Championship this weekend through two Qualifiers. A Legacy Qualifier is set for 7 AM PT on Friday, where both finalists earn invites. A Modern Super Qualifier is scheduled for 7 AM PT on Sunday, where the Top 4 all qualify for the RC.

Format Challenges

Time (PT)FridaySaturday Sunday
12:00 AM Vintage Challenge
1:00 AM32-Player Limited Challenge32-Player Limited Challenge
2:00 AMPauper Challenge 
4:00 AM32-Player Legacy ChallengeModern Challenge
6:00 AMStandard ChallengePioneer Challenge
8:00 AMModern ChallengeLegacy Challenge
10:00 AMVintage ChallengePauper Challenge
12:00 PM32-Player Limited Challenge32-Player Limited Challenge
2:00 PMPioneer ChallengeStandard Challenge
4:00 PM32-Player Limited Challenge
6:00 PM32-Player Modern Challenge32-Player Modern Challenge

Next Downtime

The next client downtime is scheduled for February 15 for changes needed in the internal infrastructure.

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