Kellan Learns Who His Father Is In Wilds Of Eldraine Episode 5

Final episode of the Wilds of Eldraine story leads to Kellan finding out his father is a notable planeswalker

Illustrated by Volkan Baga

The fifth and final chapter of the Wilds of Eldraine story covers the climax of Kellan and Ruby attempting to defeat Eriette.

Episode 5: Broken Oaths starts off as Kellan and Ruby ascend upon Castle Ardenvale on ponies — Kellan armed with his magical basket hilts and Ruby her newly acquired ice sword, a boon from Hylda. Instead of infiltrating the castle by battling the knights under the spell of the Wicked Slumber, Ruby drinks the other potion Troyan gave them to turn into a frog and leap over the castle gates and begin looking for Eriette. They find Rowan Kenrith, however, and she isn’t interested in breaking the spell or defeating Eriette, like they are. Instead, Rowan puts Kellan to sleep.

Illustrated by Ryan Pancoast

Rowan fails to put Kellan in the Wicked Slumber and has to go when High King Will Kenrith and the cavalry arrive at the castle. Ruby handles the guards and wakes up Kellan so they can continue their quest. Will’s army breaks through the castle and Syr Imodane leads a vanguard that attacks the sleepers. Will tries to reason with Rowan, but she attacks him instead. Will defends her attacks until ultimately sending a freezing bolt of ice to her feet, stopping her in her place. Will apologizes to her for not being there when she needed help, but Rowan wants none of it and tells Will that Eriette is their own blood and that they can use the magic to save the people of Eldraine. She attacks the vanguard again by casting more lightning bolts, but Will blocks them with an ice wall he puts around her.

Ashiok materializes out of nowhere, appearing in front of the army. Ashiok helps turn the tide back for the sleepers, Rowan, and Eriette as the witch continues putting members of the army to sleep. But Kellan slips through the ranks and charges Ashiok. Kellan lashes Ashiok in place with his magical hilts, now acting as a chain, allowing Will to hurl an ice bolt through the planeswalker. The ice spreads through them as Ashiok vanishes into smoke. Meanwhile, Ruby manages to put a sword to Eriette’s throat. With no other course of action, Rowan refuses to surrender and instead uses the last of her power to blast the ground with lightning, sending her high above the castle and allowing her to escape.

Illustrated by Raymond Swanland

Will thanks Kellan and Ruby for their efforts, letting them know they are welcome at the palace whenever they wish. Ruby basks in her glory as Kellan leaves to visit Lord Talion, but their encounter isn’t described in the story. We catch back up with Kellan as he returns home, where he is congratulated by his mother and stepfather. His mother made him a special enchanted coat, and tells Kellan of his real father — Oko! Oko had to leave Eldraine after harming people who offended Kellan’s mother for being a witch’s apprentice while Kellan’s mother chose to stay on Eldraine to raise her son. Kellan wonders why Oko never made an effort to see or talk to him.

Illustrated by Volkan Baga

Later that night, Kellan takes a walk through the woods with his dog. The dog picks up a scent and runs off, leaving Kellan to follow him. When Kellan catches up to the dog, he finds an Omenpath, a portal that looks much different than the ethereal archways Kellan used to visit Lord Talion. Kellan believes this a message from Oko, so he steps through it.

The story wraps up with Ashiok appearing, somehow no worse for wear, in Eriette’s prison cell. They tell Eriette she is needed elsewhere very far away. Despite having to leave Rowan, who Ashiok claims will be fine, Eriette takes Ashiok up on their offer. The two disappear in the nigh while the guards sleep peacefully.

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