Here’s Where To Find All MTG Doctor Who Commander Deck Previews

The schedule for Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who previews has been revealed!

Island (Doctor Who) illustrated by Svetlin Velinov

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released its preview schedule for the Universes Beyond release: Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who Commander deck cards.

The action kicks off on Monday with previews from IGN and the BBC Doctor Who Newsletter. The previews ramp up on Tuesday with the official debut video from WotC, streamed on Twitch and YouTube at 9 AM PT. Each day (Tuesday through Friday) will be dedicated to one of the four Commander decks.

Check back here each day during preview season and don’t miss a single new card! See the full preview schedule below.

October 2

October 3 — Timey-Wimey deck

October 4 — Paradox Power deck

October 5 — Masters of Evil deck

October 6 — Blast from the Past deck

Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who releases on October 13.