Green Gets Rare Adventure Creature Based Off Arthurian Legend In Wilds Of Eldraine

Take a look at Mosswood Dreadknight and three commons for the B/G Limited archetype

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out a green creature coming in Wilds of Eldraine with inspiration from Arthurian legend — Mosswood Dreadknight!

This two-mana 3/2 Human Knight with trample is a top-down design based off the Green Knight from Arthurian legend. Stories tell of a knight, green of skin and armor with a giant axe, that challenges any member of King Arthur’s court to a challenge of trading blows with his axe. The catch being, they get to swing first but the Green Knight would return the strike a year later. King Arthur’s nephew and youngest knight of the court, Sir Gawain, accepts the offer and decapitates the Green Knight, who instead of dying, picks up his head, mounts his horse, and leaves while reminding Sir Gawain to meet a year later.

The challenge basically boils down to a test of honor, as Sir Gawain shows up to the Green Chapel on the agreed upon date, only for the Green Knight to nick him with a strike. He reveals himself to be a king of another castle that wanted to measure the loyalty of King Arthur and his court. Mosswood Dreadknight plays off that story by allowing you to cast the adventure half of the card until the end of your next turn after it dies, allowing it to live again after completing its adventure.

Dread Whispers, the adventure for Mosswood Dreadknight, is a simple sorcery-speed cantrip that costs 1B and a life, allowing it to be a card-advantage engine and a recurring threat. Opponents can trade blows with Mosswood Dreadknight on the battlefield, but it will come back after a short while unlike the opposing creature.

Star City Games also gets to show off three commons that play well with the black and green limited archetype of Hansel and Gretel/food matters. These tasty treats will show up in Draft and Sealed, with Candy Grapple having a chance at seeing Standard play.

Candy Grapple is a versatile two-mana removal spell at instant-speed that can scale to killer bigger things if you pay its bargain cost. Candy Trail is the answer to one of Mark Rosewater’s teaser clue, showing up as a one-mana Food Clue that crams a whole bunch of value into a cheap artifact. Lastly, Scream Puff is potential filler creature for the archetype that can generate multiple food tokens if an opponent can’t answer the 4/5 with deathtouch.

Wilds of Eldraine is scheduled to release on September 8. View our official gallery.