Everything You Need To Know About CommandFest: Richmond

The event will be a massive celebration of Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format, and offer fans their first chance to experience Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

CommandFest is back and Star City Games is kicking things off on June 3-5 in Richmond, VA for three action-packed days of Commander, including the first chance to play with Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate!

Battle For Baldur’s Gate Prerelease

CommandFest: Richmond is the place to be if you want to be the first to get your hands on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. Multiple prelease events for the new set will be held each day and on-demand booster drafts will available all weekend. Players draft in pods of four, taking two cards from each pack before passing it and doing it again. Build a 60-card deck and see who comes out on top of the pod.

Special Guests And Artists

More than 40 special guests and artists will be in attendance all weekend. Meet your favorite Commander personalities, cosplayers, and Magic artists when you’re not busy in a game.

  • Tomer Abramovici – Budget Commander content creator
  • Anthony Alongi – Multiplayer MTG/Commander content creator
  • Asian Avenger – Commander content creator
  • Corey Baumeister – Commander VS crew member
  • Shivam Bhatt – Commander Advisory Group member
  • Jake Browne – Commander content creator
  • Tappy Toe Claws – Featured cosplayer
  • Vanessa Leigh Cosplay – Featured cosplayer
  • Mana Curves – Commander content creator
  • Eliot Dewick – The Spike Feeders
  • Olivia Gobert-Hicks – Commander Advisory Group member, featured cosplayer
  • Stephen Green – Commander VS crew member
  • Daniel Holt – CLB Commander Decks designer
  • Callahan Jones – Playing with Power
  • Jim LaPage – Commander Advisory Group member
  • Scott Larabee – Commander Rules Committee member
  • Alex McGregor – The Spike Feeders
  • Commander Mechanic – Commander content creator
  • Zack Montgomery – Playing with Power
  • Matt Morgan – EDHREcast
  • Brad Nelson – Content Creator
  • Jeremy Noell – Commander VS crew member
  • Saffron Olive – Commander content creator
  • Justin Parnell – Former Commander VS crew member
  • Dana Roach – EDHREcast
  • Mike Saad – Playing with Power
  • Noah Saldana – Playing with Power
  • Joey Schultz – EDHREcast
  • Christine Sprankle – Featured cosplayer
  • Ryan Street – Playin with Power
  • Jonathan Suarez – Commander VS crew member
  • TarmoKat – Featured cosplayer
  • DeQuan Watson – Commander Advisory Group member
  • Princess Weekes – Featured cosplayer
  • Eric Deschamps – Artist
  • Christopher Moeller – Artist
  • Mark Poole – Artist
  • Darrell Riche – Artist
  • Dan Scott – Artist
  • Mark Tedin – Artist
  • Anthony S. Waters – Artist

What People Are Saying

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