Dominaria United World Building Video Shows Art For New Lands, Planeswalkers, And More

Take a look at new art for Karn, Liliana, and more in Dominaria United

Illustrated by Manuel Castañón

The Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel posted the Building Worlds — Dominaria United episode today, revealing key character names, new art, and more for the upcoming set.

Along with multiple recaps for players to get up to speed on the world and history of Dominaria, the video sets the stage for the story of Dominaria United. One of the first reveals includes the three cycles of basic lands coming in the set. The first cycle features basic lands with art centered around Brothers’ War era automatons.

The second cycle shows off basic lands showcasing Phyrexian ruins.

The third cycle offers basic lands featuring legendary artifacts and artifact creatures in relation to their environments.

Next up, the return of sagas was announced with new art in the classic vertical style. Check out a couple of the sagas coming in Dominaria United.

We also got art for the upcoming Sheoldred card and the new Karn planeswalker.

Take a look at Liliana, though we are not clear if it will be a new planeswalker card or a reprint as it doesn’t have a card name associated with it.

The video mentioned we will get to see the area of New Argive, which was absent from Dominaria in 2018. The art below shows what the people from New Argive look like.

Lastly, take a look at some art that indicates it will appear on non-basic land cards. Some of the art uses names that are site specific and other pieces could be generic areas of land. None of the art shown hints of a returning land cycle, though the first piece was shown without a card name — which keeps some hope alive for a cycle of rare land reprints.

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