Dominaria United Story Confirms Phyrexian Invasion, Return Of Sheoldred

Second chapter sets the table for Phyrexian attack and the downfall of Ajani

Illustrated by Dominik Mayer

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) published the second chapter in the Dominaria United story today, bringing a whole cast of familiar characters together as the Phyrexians invade Dominaria.

Building off the first chapter from yesterday, where Karn discovers the Phyrexians and Sheoldred in a tunnel in the Caves of Koilos, Ajani rescues Karn from being trapped in a cave-in for months after being attacked by the Phyrexians. They planeswalk to where the peace talks between House Capashen and the Keldon warriors are going down to warn of the coming invasion.

Jaya, Jodah, Radha, Aron Capashen, and Stenn — a nobleman from New Argive — are all at the summit, but brush off Karn’s warning. Teferi teleports to the meeting and said Kaya told him that the Phyrexians were on Kamigawa and Kaldheim. With that information, the threat of the Phyrexians on Dominaria was much more likely, as it showed they could also travel between planes. Teferi even tells Karn and Ajani in private that the Phyrexians got to Tamiyo, proving that even planeswalker are vulnerable to compleation.

Back at the summit, Karn spots a bird that turned out to be a Phyrexian spy in disguise, and the group manages to capture it. But some of the Keldon warriors turn out to be Phyrexian sleeper agents and attack. A fight ensues and one of the Phyrexians abducts Aron Capashen and escapes, leading Ajani to chase after them. Jaya holds off the attacking Phyrexians with her fire as Jodah opens a portal for Karn, Teferi, Jaya, Stenn, and himself to travel to a “secure location.”

The group managed to teleport to the location safely, but a Phyrexian also made it through and made it out of the chamber. With the Phyrexians on Dominaria, Karn wonders who he can really trust.

The story after two chapters confirms the Phyrexians are back, as is Sheoldred, which adds to the chances that an early potential leak of a Sheoldred card from Dominaria United is real. The setting and mentioning of locations like Caves of Koilos could also hint at the return of pain lands, which would be beneficial to MTG Arena players and could round out the cycle for Pioneer players.

Characters we have seen in card form like Radha, Rona, and Jodah could all be getting new versions. We’ve already seen the Jaya planeswalker, so it is likely we see another Karn, Teferi, and Ajani planeswalker as well. With a lore book already spoiling that Ajani gets compleated, we now will wait and see how it happens and what leads to him murdering Jaya.

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