Key Dominaria United Story Details Revealed In Lore Book Preview

Magic: The Gathering The Visual Guide book spoils parts of upcoming story arc

Illustrated by Justyna Dura

An upcoming Magic: The Gathering world and lore book preview has spoiled parts of the Dominaria United story.

Magic: The Gathering The Visual Guide is the second visual guide by Jay Annelli and is set for release on December 6, 2022. The preorder page on Amazon listed multiple images from the book, including pages on Chandra and Liliana that reveal new information to the MTG story.

The Chandra Nalaar pages cover all things related to the planeswalker from Kaladesh, but if you look closely at the last sentence of her summary you’ll find a major spoiler from the Dominaria United story arc.

The summary concludes by mentioning that her mentor, Jaya, was killed by Ajani after he was turned into a Phyrexian. The key art for Dominaria United features Ajani, Jaya, and Teferi.

The Liliana Vess pages contain plenty of info on the planeswalker from Dominaria, but a big reveal is tucked away at the bottom of the section titled “The Raven Man.”

The block of text clarifies that the Raven Man is the ancient necromancer, Lim-Dul. Liliana discovers this information when she returns to Dominaria during the New Phyrexian invasion.

Magic: The Gathering The Visual Guide was produced in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and will feature profiles on planes like Strixhaven and Kaldheim for the first time. Check out the product listing from the publisher here. The book costs $30 and will be published well after the release of Dominaria United.