Dominaria United Release Notes Published Early, More Than Half Of The Set Spoiled

Article spoils many of the key cards in the upcoming set

Illustrated by Adam Paquette

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) accidentally posted the release notes for Dominaria United last night, spoiling more than 140 cards from the main set and more than 30 cards from the Commander decks and Legends Retold promos.

Set release notes are normally posted after a full set has been previewed, allowing players and judges to learn how all the new cards interact with any confusing rules. The article was posted last night and quickly taken down, but not before the full text could be copied and shared on Reddit. The link to the article is no longer active, though one user posted mockups of all the cards to imgur.com and another posted the cache.

Some of the cards spoiled in the documents include:

  • The Mana Rig
  • Danitha, Benalia’s Hope
  • The Elder Dragon War
  • Ertai Resurrected
  • Golden Argosy
  • Jodah, the Unifier
  • Karn, Living Legacy
  • Karn’s Sylex
  • Thran Portal
  • Urza Assembles the Titans
  • Weatherlight Compleated

This isn’t the first time a release notes document was posted before it was scheduled. Oddly enough, the Dominaria release notes also spoiled many cards from the 2018 set in a similar fashion.