Dominaria United Previews Begin With New Ajani, Sheoldred, Braids, And More

Check out the new and returning mechanics, previews, and more for Dominaria United

Ajani, Sleeper Agent illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

Dominaria United preview season kicked off with the Wizards Presents broadcast, and with it came new planeswalkers, mechanics, and more for the upcoming return to Dominaria.


The previewing of Liliana of the Veil preceded the stream, but we also got to see Ajani in his pre- and post-compleated forms. Check out Ajani, Sleeper Agent in five different treatments.

Liliana of the Veil will be returning to Standard as well as coming to all MTG Arena formats and Pioneer.

We have now seen three planeswalkers in Dominaria United, as we saw Jaya, Fiery Negotiator in previous Weekly MTG stream. That just leaves with a new Karn and Teferi.

Return Of Pain Lands

A return to Dominaria means we get some familiar rare dual lands back. Check out six pain lands with their borderless treatments.

With three allied-color lands (Adarkar Wastes, Karplusan Forest, and Sulfurous Springs) and three enemy-color lands (Caves of Koilos, Shivan Reef, and Yavimaya Coast), it looks like the cycle could be finished in The Brothers’ War. This also adds the three allied-color duals to Pioneer, leaving just Underground River and Brushland for fans of the latest non-rotating format.


Now, let’s get to some of the big-time previews. Take a look at the big bad from the set, Sheoldred, the Apocalypse.

We’ve seen Liliana, so, let’s check out The Raven Man.

How about some more legends? Here’s Squee, Dubious Monarch, Sol’Kanar the Tainted, Raff, Weatherlight Stalwart, Jhoira, Ageless Innovator, Zur, Eternal Schemer, Soul of Windgrace, and Braids, Arisen Nightmare.



Now your creatures that can’t get into the red zone can assist your other attacking creatures with enlist. Tap a creature that isn’t attacking or has summoning sickness and add its power to the enlisting creature.

Read Ahead

Read ahead is a new ability on Sagas. Rather than entering the battlefield with one lore counter on chapter one, Sagas with read ahead can start on any chapter you wish. The rest of the card functions the same, so if you still sacrifice the Saga after it completes its final chapter.


The first returning mechanic is domain, an ability that cares about the number of basic land types you control. Notably, this doesn’t track land names, but types, so your Stomping Ground or Xander’s Lounge will count for multiple types with domain cards.


Kicker is an optional additional cost found of all types of cards. Pay the extra cost and get a bonus ability from the card.

Stun Counters

Stun counters are a new counter type, similar to shield counters from Streets of New Capenna. If a tapped permanent with a stun counter on it would become untapped, instead it stays tapped and you remove a stun counter from it. It doesn’t matter how you attempt to untap the card, it will remove a stun counter.

Commander Deck Face Card Reveals

The face cards for the two Commander decks for Dominaria United were revealed as well. Check out Dihada, Binder of Wills and Jared Carthalion.

Legends Retold Previews

Lastly, we also got to see two more of the legends retold box topper cards. Check out a new version of Stangg (and his token) as well as a new planeswalker — Sivitri, Dragon Master.

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