Battle Against The Phyrexians Grows As Dominaria United Story Unfolds

Catch back up with iconic characters from Dominaria as battle rages on the plane

Illustrated by Aurore Folny

The third and fourth chapters of the Dominaria United story brings even more familiar characters into the mix as the fight against the Phyrexians ramps up across multiple sections of the plane.

After teleporting away from a Phyrexian attack, Karn, Jaya, Teferi, Jodah, and Stenn must look for the escaped Phyrexian in the New Argive watchtower. The team splits up, but suffer multiple attacks as Karn attempts to figure out which one among the four others is a sleeper agent.

As they track the missing Phyrexian, Jodah and Teferi suffer injuries from various attacks, though Jaya and Karn are adept at destroying the enemies. Stenn reveals himself as the traitor when Karn gives him misinformation on the location of the Sylex, leading Karn to rip him limb from limb. Karn activates the power stone in the tower, opening it up, revealing horrible sounds of a Phyrexian invasion from the surrounding location in New Argive.

Karn contacts Shanna on the Weatherlight to rescue the remaining four members from the tower. Once on the ship, they meet up with Shanna, Raff Capashen, Slimefoot, and Arvad to discuss how to defeat the Phyrexians. The group decides to split up, once again, in order to recruit as much help from varying groups on Dominaria as possible.

Jaya meets back up with Ajani who has found Danitha Capashen as they seek Aron Capashen in some caves guarded by Phyrexians. Jodah goes to Yavimaya to recruit the Elves, who have their own fight to face. Teferi struggles to get much help, but does recruit the Goblins and Darigaaz, the dragon, who joins up after fighting off a Phyrexian that attacked the Weatherlight.

Jaya, Ajani, and Danitha fight off some Phyrexians near the caves, but a compleated Ertai exits the cave and is followed by Aron, also a victim of the Phyrexians. Ertai sends Aron after his daughter, but Danitha decapitates him in quick fashion, leading Ertai to summon a Phyrexian Dreadnaught from the mountains. Ertai threatens mass destruction if Ajani and Jaya don’t surrender, but Radha and her crew aboard the Golden Argosy arrive in time to defeat the dreadnaught. Ertai warns that he will tell Sheoldred of what happened. As that battled rages on, Jodah, Meria, and the Yavimayans fight off a dragon engine, helmed by Rona. They fend off the engine with a damping sphere and have to leave Yavimaya to have any chance at survival.

The fourth chapter ends with Karn reunited with Jhoira on the Weatherlight. Karn receives a message from Jodah as he and Meria travel to Shiv, warning Karn that there is another spy in the new coalition.