All Cards From The Brothers’ War Revealed

Every card and every variant from next MTG set posted to image galleries

Llanowar Wastes illustrated by Lucas Graciano

Today is the last day of The Brothers’ War preview season, so the card image galleries for the main set, Commander decks, and promos are all available.

To see all the cards from the main set in their normal versions, go here. This includes the pain lands, meld cards, normal-border planeswalkers, and basic lands.

The variant card image gallery shows all the booster fun treatments coming in The Brothers’ War. Check out the extended-art Commander cards found in Set Boosters and Collector Boosters, the Transformers cards, borderless planeswalkers, retro-frame artifacts, and extended-art pain lands.

For all the retro-frame cards in the Commander decks, go here. This includes the front-facing legends, mana rocks, iconic Commander lands, and more.

The Brothers’ War is currently scheduled to release on November 18. View our official preview gallery.