Outsiders Gives Assassin And Ninja Heroes A New Legendary Piece Of Arm Equipment

Flick Knives offers Flesh and Blood players a deadly new tool for their kit

Outsiders, Flesh and Blood’s ninth expansion, is set to release on March 24 and will introduce hybrid cards to the game. Courtesy of Legend Story Studios, today we get to take a look at a legendary piece of equipment that the Assassin and Ninja classes can wield.

Set your sights on Flick Knives!

This new arm equipment with blade break gives Assassins and Ninjas a few extra tricks.

Once per Turn Attack Reaction — 0: Target dagger you control that isn’t on the active chain link deals 1 damage to target hero. If damage is dealt this way, the dagger has hit. Destroy the dagger.

On the surface, Flick Knives is a way to convert your weapons into a form of direct damage, giving the Assassin and Ninja classes some reach to finish off an opponent. But this only scratches the surface of what Flick Knives allows players to accomplish.

Assassin daggers have relevant on-hit abilities, we see that with Spider’s Bite from Dynasty. You can use Flick Knives to force through a dagger on-hit to get that reward. Importantly, Outsiders will offer Assassins three more daggers with impactful on-hit triggers.

For Ninjas, Flick Knives works quite favorably with Mask of Momentum. If you have connected with your first two chain links and your third attack is fully blocked, use Flick Knives to make a dagger hit for a third link to keep Mask of Momentum live for a follow-up attack action to draw a card on a future chain link that turn. Aggressive decks shouldn’t have a problem trading in a dagger for a damage and the chance to keep Mask of Momentum live on a pivotal turn.

Outsiders has multiple cards that care about how many times you have hit with a dagger this turn. Flick Knives gives you another way to hit with a dagger on top of naturally attacking with one.

Outsiders will also introduce a card that, for the first time, allows players to access a card from their sideboard. This card allows you to equip a dagger card from your inventory (sideboard) and plays into the Assassin trope of always having the right tool for the job. Flick Knives plays a key role with this card, allowing your Assassin hero to destroy a dagger to open up space for another one from your inventory. You can only equip a new dagger if you have a free hand, so giving one up for damage, an on-hit, and to free up space for another dagger is quite the utility. This type of card, accessing a card from your sideboard or inventory, will be explored more in the future.

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