Flesh And Blood’s Heavy Hitters To Release In February

Game’s 12th set will debut at five-year Celebrational event in New Zealand

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced the next Flesh and Blood set, Heavy Hitters, will be released on February 2 and will debut at the World Premiere event in Queenstown, New Zealand in mid January.

The inaugural Flesh and Blood Celebrational will take place on January 17-18. bringing more than 30 of the game’s celebrities and community all-stars from around the world together to celebrate all things Flesh and Blood. The group will get to tour the LSS headquarters, see Queenstown in all its glory, and play in the Calling, which is set for January 19-21 in Queenstown, featuring Heavy Hitters Limited. The Celebrational will be streamed so that fans of the game can catch all the action. The guest list will be announced at the Flesh and Blood World Championship in Barcelona in November.

A Heavy Hitters World Premiere event will precede the Calling on January 19, offering players their very first chance to open and play with the set. Players can then take what they learned from the World Premiere and apply it in the Calling on January 20-21. Day 1 will use Heavy Hitters Sealed with Day 2 and Top 8 showcasing Heavy Hitters Draft. A Team Sealed Battle Hardened will be run on January 21, also featuring Heavy Hitters.

Heavy Hitters looks to be a set based around gladiatorial-like combat, potentially focusing on Brutes, Warriors, or possibly Guardians. The set will be the game’s 12th booster release.

Read the official article from LSS on the World Premiere event.