Flesh And Blood Announces New 1st Strike Decks, Azalea Armory Deck

Flesh and Blood’s latest new-player product to debut at Gen Con

Terra illustrated by Federico Musetti

Flesh and Blood will introduce two new products at Gen Con this August, a new-player experience and the next Armory preconstructed deck.

1st Strike decks are Flesh and Blood’s latest take on an introductory product, offering two Blitz decks that help teach players the game and its rules through exciting yet simple mechanics. Aurora and Terra are young Elemental heroes that will get players ready to jump into the next set, Rosetta. Aurora will be featured in Rosetta with an adult and young version, but Terra is an all-new young Guardian not previewed from the game’s 14th expansion.

1st Strike decks include 40 cards, equipment, and tokens that are ready to play right out of the box. Terra is a Guardian that harnesses the essence of Earth and has a hero ability that lets you create Might tokens to power up future attacks.

Aurora is a Runeblade that uses the essence of Lightning focused on chaining multiple attacks together thanks to Embodiment of Lightning tokens giving attack actions go again.

By learning to play with these decks, players can get ready to dive into Rosetta and the Elemental Runeblades and Wizards coming to the game in September. The 1st Strike decks will be released on September 23.

Armory Deck: Azalea, Ace in the Hole

The third Armory Deck will feature the original Ranger hero, Azalea, Ace in the Hole.

Armory Decks are preconstructed Classic Constructed decks that are made to get players ready to jump into the game at the LGS level via Armory Events. Armory Decks are 60 cards and include many cards required for competitive versions of the deck. They also include a handful of new cards such as Line It Up and Target Totalizer seen below.

The Azalea Armory Deck will release on August 2 as a follow-up to the Kayo, Armed and Dangerous and Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn decks, the second of which is slated for release in July.

Players can get their hands on these products early at Gen Con on August 1-4. Learn more about Flesh and Blood events at Gen Con here.

Read the official announcement of these products from Legend Story Studios.