Flesh And Blood Announces Details For Pro Tour Lille

Second Pro Tour to feature Uprising draft and Classic Constructed.

Eye of Ophidia illustrated by Alexandra Malygina

Flesh and Blood’s second Pro Tour will be held in Lille, France on August 26-28.

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced the Pro Tour would be hitting France back in March, but now all the details are finalized. The three-day event will feature the Pro Tour, a Calling, Battle Hardened, and a whole slew of side events.

Pro Tour Lille will be the first Pro Tour to feature Classic Constructed and draft. Uprising, the upcoming booster set release, will be drafted on Day 1 and Day 2. The first three rounds of each day will be draft with the last four rounds of each day will be Classic Constructed. The Top 8 on Sunday will be Classic Constructed. The $100,000 prize pool pays the Top 64, with the Top 32 receiving PTIs. First place is $25,000, a Pro Tour champion prize card, and a gold legendary of their hero.

The Calling on August 27-28 will be Classic Constructed with a $20,000 prize pool. The Battle Hardened event on August 28 will be Uprising draft and awards PTIs to the Top 2 finishers.

The first Flesh and Blood Pro Tour is set for this weekend in New Jersey.

Read the official announcement from LSS and the event details.