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Zach Jesse has been playing Magic since what feels like the dawn of time. He recently won the SCG Standard Open in Baltimore with Mono-Black Devotion.

The Chump Block – Dark Green

SCG Open Richmond!

Thursday, February 25th – This past weekend was apparently an impromptu experiment for me to see if there was such a thing as “too much Magic.” I was very nearly pushed to the brink, as Pro Tour: San Diego had event upon event upon event and one could battle Magically in any number of formats for vast assortment of different prizes.

The Chump Block – Crab, Go

SCG Open Richmond!

Monday, February 22nd – I have been playing online, with a high degree of success, a deck that I thought was under wraps but, apparently, is widely known these days. I’ve simply been calling it “Crab, Go.”

The Chump Block – Abyssal Persecutor in Extended

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Friday, February 5th – While I think that Worldwake has brought a scrumptious plateful of treats to appease our appetite for Standard change, I don’t believe it will have nearly as big an impact on Extended. That’s not too surprising, as any new set has to contend with about triple the number of cards in Extended as compared to Standard.

The Chump Block – Almost Getting There: A PTQ Top 8

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Friday, January 22nd – I woke up on the Friday morning before the Chicago PTQ still undecided on what deck I wanted to play. On the drive back from the Indy PTQ, I had talked up the positive sides of playing Martyr to my friend, who was looking for a deck that had good matchups against a field of Scapeshift and Zoo…

The Chump Block – There Won’t be Blood

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Friday, January 15th – My friend Charles and I decided to take the trek down to the Indy PTQ this past Sunday and, while I would love to regale you with tales of epic comebacks or one-sided slaughters, that unfortunately was not the case. There were a few points of interest that came up from this weekend, but first here’s the deck that I chose to run…

The Chump Block – A Few New Extended Ideas

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Friday, January 8th – I know I expressed it last week, but I can’t get over the excitement I feel when looking forward toward Extended season. For those ambitious deckbuilders out there, the world is your oyster. Extended right now is the very antithesis of Standard, as archetype after archetype has proven itself able to put up the results.

The Chump Block – Scapeshifting Perspective

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Dallas/Fort Worth!
Friday, January 1st – Moving into 2010 is exciting! I have always seen 2010 as this futuristic date, and now that we’re finally here it’s only a matter of time before the hoverboards and flying cars and holographic computers start rolling into circulation. But until then, I am happy that there is something else to be thinking about Magic-wise other than Zendikar Limited and Standard.

The Chump Block – A Little Bit of Everything

StarCityGames.com 10K Open - Los Angeles

Friday, December 18th – In this week’s edition of The Chump Block, Zach discusses Jund, his Open the Vaults deck, and Sarkhan Vol. He also interviews Justin Souza, who placed second on the Standard Saturday of the SCG $10K Open St. Louis weekend!

The Chump Block – A Rogue Champs Report

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Friday, December 11th – Friday evening was fast approaching, and I still didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to play. I had settled on a Bant concoction intent on trying to abuse the awesome power of Aven Mimeomancer in conjunction with one-drop accelerators and token producers such as Emeria Angel and Elspeth…

The Chump Block – Relax, it’s Champs

SCG 10k St. Louis Offers First Chances to Qualify for the 2010 StarCityGames.com Invitational!
Thursday, December 3rd – It’s somewhat of a shame that State Champs are coming at the tail end of several high profile tournaments this year. While it’s certainly excellent that they are indeed back, the fact that the metagame is so well defined is a little frustrating. Champs is about building that deck that might just solidify your archetype as the one to beat in the coming months.

The Chump Block – Block Head

Claim your territory at The 2009's State and Provincial Championships!
Friday, November 27th – I played on MTGO dutifully for several years before I had my “awakening.” I would sit, when I had a spare 2 or 3 hours, and draft, shaking my fists towards the heavens out of jubilance or anger depending on the outcome. I would sell the rares that I was lucky enough to draft in order to feed my insatiable hunger for computer-based Magic…

The Chump Block – Grand Prix: Minneapolis and Me

Claim your territory at The 2009's State and Provincial Championships!
Friday, November 20th – Even though my days of college have long since passed, my desire to live the college lifestyle has not. I’ve made sure that such mainstays as not doing anything particularly useful with my time, living in complete squalor, and not having working gas are an integral part of my daily routine. That, and road trips.

The Chump Block – Angel Sledge in Standard

Visit the StarCityGames.com booth at Grand Prix Minneapolis
Friday, November 6th – After Ascending Pyromaniacally for several weeks, our hero (me) finally felt like it might be time to put the deck that I talked about the other week on the shelf. While certainly powerful and capable of completely degenerate draws – triple Ponder, Pyromancer’s Ascension comes to mind – the long and short of the matter is that the deck is just a little bit of a dog to Jund.

Feature Article – Ascension Control in Standard

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Monday, October 19th – One of the cards that jumped out at me in the Zendikar spoiler, along with everyone else, was Bloodchief Ascension; however, unlike everyone else, I felt like Pyromancer Ascension was a perhaps even more powerful enchantment. Just like at a sandwich shop, two-for-one deals make anyone stop and take notice.