AuthorWill Rieffer

With a DCI membership number of 1743, Will has been involved with Magic from early on where he favored Black beatdown, 5 color decks, and of course the Upstairs Wednesday Night Grand Melee. After a hiatus filled with Blood Bowl and 40K, he returned to the game after being lured into this old passion by his son's interest in Pokemon. Another Magic dad, he is of course happily married to Tina with whom he shares 3 wonderful children, Liam, Silvey, and "The Big Guy" Declan. They all reside somewhere a tad north of the Ozarks...

Why Threshold Is The Weakest Link

U/G or U/G/x decks that are overly focused on threshold seem to be prone to falling into card disadvantage traps, spending their effort to get to threshold at the cost of a positive beatdown position.

A League Of Your Own

I had a store owner who wanted to beef up his Magic business. I myself wanted more local Magic. How did I put the peanut butter into his chocolate?

Force of Will: The Evolution Of Guitars

Holistic Wisdom allows you to recycle your instants and sorceries for as long as you like, completely breaks Fact or Fiction, and kills counters. But breaking it was tougher than I thought.

November Standard Decks: Odyssey

Team Binary opens their mailing list to the world for a moment… And reveals some of the decks to beat! Looking for a starting point? It’s the Invitational and here.