AuthorTom Ross

Tom Ross is best known for his expertise building aggressive decks. The Boss had three consecutive SCG Invitational Top 8s in 2014, including back-to-back wins in during Season Two in Columbus and Season Three in New Jersey, along with four Grand Prix Top 8s and a Sunday appearance at Pro Tour Honolulu.

Hammering Out Humans In Pioneer

Can Humans synergies form a deck in Pioneer as they do in Modern? Tom Ross surveys the early results from Magic Online to find something “Boss”-approved ahead of the Season Two Invitational!

Graveyard Decks For SCG Dallas

Graveyard decks may be down after Modern’s latest double banning, but they’re not out! Tom Ross shows how graveyard-exploiting strategies could exploit a new lack of sideboard hate to win SCG Dallas!

Combo Slivers In Modern!

Tom Ross is playing Slivers? As a combo deck?! It sounds wild, but here’s the thing: who knows their way around poison counters better than “The Boss” himself?

How To Hogaak Until It’s Banned

The Boss barely made it to Barcelona, but Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis helped him to qualify for another Mythic Championship. He shares the ways forward with Hogaak until Modern’s next shake-up!