AuthorTodd Stevens

Todd Stevens is one of the SCG Tour's most consistent players, specializing primarily in Modern. Five straight Open Top 8s, with two wins, when playing Modern from March to July of 2017 helped propel him to win 2017 SCG Tour Player of the Year, a title he's looking to defend in 2018.

Analyzing The Best Guild In Guilds Of Ravnica

Surveil and undergrowth? Please. Todd Stevens doesn’t roll like that these days. He’s all about the aggro, and he’s got plenty of insight into how to build your Boros decks in the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica Standard season!

Modern Sultai With Assassin’s Trophy

SCG Syracuse this weekend will be too soon for Assassin’s Trophy, but Todd Stevens still loves the direction this archetype is headed! Don’t look now, but we’ve got a new Modern tri-color strategy to worry about!

Your Guide To Bant Midrange In Modern

Todd Stevens has taken yet another value creature deck to close to the top of Modern! Check out his full rundown on how to play and sideboard with his latest signature archetype!

Sleeper Cards For New Standard

It’s likely that many cards that faded from Standard are going to be great when the rotation happens! Did you know Knight of the Reliquary saw almost no play for months after release? Todd teaches you to scout the good ones!

Modern’s Definitive New Top Tier

According to Todd Stevens, the distance between tier one and everything else has never been more pronounced than it is right now in Modern! If you’re not playing one of these decks, you’re already playing from behind!

Your Primer To Mono-Green Aggro

Jessup had it right! Looking at all the data, Mono-Green Aggro is 100% a real Standard deck. Stevens gives your Standard green player the tools they need for SCG Philadelphia here!