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Todd Anderson has been a competitive Magic fixture for well over a decade, dominating The SCG Tour® with an astounding record 32 Top 8 appearances, including six wins. From his Pro Tour runs to his four Grand Prix Top 8s to his runner-up showing at the 2015 Players' Championship, Todd is one of the most dangerous opponents in the game.

Constructed Criticism – Drafting With Balefire Liege: M10

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Tuesday, August 11th – As many a writer before me has already stated, M10 is not a good sealed deck format. Often your pools will lack the synergy required to produce a winning deck, leaving you in a place where you either have to get lucky, or your opponents have to get really unlucky in order for you to do well. However, drafting M10 is a different animal completely.

Constructed Criticism – Scoreboard! A U.S. Nationals Report *3rd*

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Friday, July 31st – I almost took a bet to replace the singleton Liliana in the sideboard with a singleton Balefire Liege, just in case I made Top 8. I didn’t cast her a single time in the swiss, and I lost the only game where it was cast in the Top 8, so I missed out on $20 and a story. Luckily, I’m still in the middle of this other story…

Constructed Criticism – Drafting With Balefire Liege

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Monday, July 20th – Welcome to the first ever Drafting with Balefire Liege! No seriously, I’m doing an article that isn’t about Standard! I’ll be your host today, giving you in-depth reasoning behind each pick (that matters), and hopefully a bit of insight as to what I’m thinking while I take particular cards at each turn of the pack. In the famous words of Super Mario (N64), “Here we gooooo!”

Constructed Criticism – Attacking the Enemy

Visit the StarCityGames.com booth at Nationals!Wednesday, July 15th – Just tell yourself: attack the enemy. I must find a way to beat them. If you do this, then you will. The first step to defeating your enemy is to figure out who or what your enemy is. In this case, Kithkin is the enemy. Think back to a time long forgotten, where Kithkin ran rampant, but were easily defeated via Firespout. Those days have long since past, but now it seems time for a comeback. Viva la Revolucion!

Constructed Criticism – A Look at Standard for Nationals

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Monday, July 6th – I was planning on writing an article about Limited today, but I feel as if Standard post-M10 needs a little bit more attention. It is the Constructed format for Nationals, and thus the most important to me. There are so many cards are leaving the format, destroying “established” decks but spawning very few new ideas.

Constructed Criticism – Wrath of Gone…?

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Monday, June 29th – There are going to be a lot of changes coming to Standard in the next few weeks. M10 is going to cycle a lot of cards out of Standard from 10th Edition, while bringing a few new weapons to the table. As far as the world is concerned, current Standard is fairly meaningless, so I’ll try to present you with a few deck ideas to start bouncing around your skull.

Constructed Criticism – Cutting Teeth on the Esper Stoneblade

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Monday, June 22nd – Alara Block Constructed is a relevant format for Magic Online, and I’ve been playing a lot of it since Pro Tour: Cascade… erm, Honolulu. After last month’s debacle playing a “solid” looking Jund deck, I really needed a good idea to lift my spirits. Two people made Top 8 bashing with robots, and I really liked the look of the deck.

Constructed Criticism – Elves, Elves, Everywhere!

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Friday, June 19th – The Atlanta StarCityGames.com $5000 Standard Open was a fairly disappointing tournament for me. I decided to battle with my trusty BW Tokens deck into a mediocre finish. I started off strong at 4-1, but lost a crucial game 3 against my friend Chris Greene in Round 6, and he went on to dominate the rest of the tournament with his ridiculous aggressive Jund deck.

Constructed Criticism – A Standard Understanding: Prepping for the $5000 Standard Open

Saturday, June 13th - SCG 5K Atlanta!
Monday, June 8th – The StarCityGames.com $5000 Standard Open is coming to Atlanta on June 13th (as well as a PTQ on the 14th), and I am here to provide you with some of my thoughts about the current format. I’ve been battling on Magic Online for plenty of hours, bashed a few PTQs, read coverage of the recent Grand Prix tournaments, and feel like the format is shaping up to be awesome

Constructed Criticism – Constructed Chop Suey: Standard and Block

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Monday, June 1st – Pre-Seattle, it seemed as if Cascade-Swans was the new “deck to beat,” taking the top slots at a few PTQs, and also GP: Barcelona. After talking with a few friends about the deck at the PTQ in Nashville last week, I had thoroughly decided against playing it myself, and here’s why.

Constructed Criticism – Know Your ABCs: Alara Block Constructed

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Monday, May 25th – Alara Block Constructed is largely an unexplored country, but it’s very important for a few upcoming events like Pro Tour: Honolulu and the MOL Season II Championships. Today we will look at a few deck ideas, as well as a few of my top cards (around which the best decks should be built).

Constructed Criticism – Finding Spectral Procession

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Tuesday, May 19th – After battling in my local Regional Championships this weekend, I can safely say that the metagame is shaping up to be a very interesting one. There are a lot of good archetypes, but the problem is that most of them rely on the same engine: Spectral Procession and Windbrisk Heights. This combination can lead to devastating effects, and completely turn a game in one person’s favor, one who has no business winning the game.

Constructed Criticism – Why We Fail

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Monday, May 11th – Luck does not exist. It is an illusion we use to mask our mistakes. We retell stories with epic endings where we fell just short of victory due to the presence of lady luck on our opponent’s side, but the truth remains that we as humans inherently create the errors that cause our opponents to “get lucky.” I try to tell myself this every time I sit down to play a match of Magic, but I struggle with it on a constant basis.

Constructed Criticism – The Magic Online Championship: Season 1 Tournament Report

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Monday, May 4th – Today’s article is going to be a tournament report for the Magic Online Championship Series: Season 1. There are 354 people signed up so far, so it looks like this is going to be a 9-Round doozy. The format is Standard Pre-Alara Reborn, because Magic Online is about 20+ days behind paper Magic when new sets are released, but I have had a lot of experience with this format and am comfortable with the deck I am playing.