AuthorStuart Wright

Stuart is a mainstay on the Pro Tour, and one of the premier Constructed minds in the UK. Many of his decks have cut up the Pro Tour in the hands of high-profile players. He has numerous money finishes at both Pro Tour and Grand Prix level tournaments, and is regarded one of the strongest deckbuilders in the world.

Feature Article – Conflux: New Decks for Standard

Richmond, Virginia hosts the first StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open of 2009!
Friday, February 6th – Conflux is officially here, and it is legal in all Constructed formats as of today! Stuart Wright, England’s premier deckbuilding mind, brings us a host of cool ideas that utilize some of the more powerful cards in the new set. With both new ideas and updates to established strategies, this article is invaluable to anyone serious about Standard…

Feature Article – Deckbuilding 101: Manabase

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Friday, January 9th – The creation of a stable manabase is often an overlooked art. Today, premier deckbuilder Stuart Wright takes us through some of the finer nuances required when maximizing a deck’s mana potential. If you’re looking to pick up an edge in your deckbuilding skills, look no further!

Feature Article – Decks For The New Standard

The StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open Returns to Richmond!
Tuesday, October 21st – England’s finest deckbuilder, pro player Stuart Wright, wades into the current Standard format in perfect time for this weekend’s StarCityGames.com $5K Standard Open. He presents some stock metagame lists, plus a few funky ideas straight from his Standard playbook. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, look no further!

Feature Article – Shadowmoor Draft: An Allied Color Overview

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Wednesday, July 2nd – With Eventide just around the corner, it seems an opportune time to examine the lessons taught by triple Shadowmoor drafting. Today, Stuart Wright brings us his thoughts on the format as a whole, and in particular the powerful and synergistic allied color pairings that are the key to success in this entertaining format.

Feature Article – Black/Red Tokens in Standard

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Monday, June 23rd – At any given pro-level Constructed event, there are few certainties. However, one sure-fire fact is that the UK’s premier deck designer Stuart Wright will have something exciting up his sleeve for the main event. Today he shares his Pro Tour: Hollywood deck based on token creatures and Furystoke Giant. He also brings us excellent sideboarding advice for when facing the expected archetypes. [Editor’s Note: Patrick Chapin will be appearing later in the week. Stay tuned!]

Feature Article – Lorwyn / Shadowmoor Block Constructed Overview

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Wednesday, June 11th – After innovating his way to a respectable finish at Pro Tour: Hollywood with his Furystoke Giant token deck, perennial professional Stuart Wright turned his deckbuilding prowess to Block Constructed. At Grand Prix: Birmingham, he took his Five-Color Control deck to a respectable 25th place finish. Today he shares his thoughts on the three main players in Block Constructed, and brings us his exciting GP decklist…

Feature Article — Deckbuilding 101

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Stuart Wright, one of the UK’s premier Deckbuilding minds, brings us an intriguing look into the art, and science, of high-level deckbuilding. He highlights some of the common pitfalls that deckbuilders make when polishing their elite seventy-five, and walks us through his thought processes in the creation of his 6-0 Worlds Extended deck, G/R/B Destructive Flow. If you’re interested in taking your deckbuilding skills to the next level, this is the article for you!

Extended Tech: Flow Deck Wins

Stuart Wright, one of the world’s finest deckbuilders, rocked the Extended portion of Worlds with a deck of his own design – Flow Deck Wins. Harnessing a powerful aggresive start, and the backbreaking Destructive Flow to nobble the control matchups, Stuart’s 6-0 perofomance took him to a lofty fifteenth-place finish at the Big Show in Paris. Today’s article breaks down the sideboarding plans and brings some interesting matchup ideas, for those eager to make their mark at their next PTQ.

Battle Royale Round 14 – Hijacking The Eye

StarCityGames.com - Battle Royale!
Stuart took one of his favorite strategies – Mana Denial – and aimed to break down Kyle’s Combo by removing the precious, precious land. On paper, this matchup was a blowout. In reality? Well, it was a blowout. Still, it;s good to read about one-sided matches… they need winning too!

Battle Royale Round 14 – All Your Bases

StarCityGames.com - Battle Royale!

This week’s Battle Royale sees the deckbuilding pride of England, Stuart Wright, step up to the crease to bat Kyle for six. Can he bowl Mr Sanchez a googly and send him back to the pavillion? This Englishman certainly hopes so. Tally Ho!

The Extended Metagame Overview

Yesterday, Stuart brought us his views on U/W drafting in Time Spiral. Today he returns to the Constructed fold, in perfect time for Worlds. The UK’s premier deckbuilder analyses the coming Extended metagame, and offers a few gauntlet decks for your consideration…

Time Spiral Limited – Drafting U/W

Stuart Wright is primarily known for his Constructed prowess. That said, while his sixty-card ability trumps his forty-card play, Stuart’s Limited skill is by no means the red-headed stepchild of the relationship. Today he brings us his personal pick orders for the ultra-aggressive Blue/White draft archetype, plus some sample decks and a few play examples. Stuart has had a lot of success with this color combination… can it work for you?

A Different Take on Stormbind in Standard

Earlier this week, Nick Eisel weighed in with some interesting thoughts on the use of Stormbind in Time Spiral Standard. Today we have Stuart Wright, one of the premier deckbuilders in the UK, sharing his personal take on the card. He brings two decklists to the table, and takes us through other ideas and directions with which we can explore the synergies presented by the current Standard cardpool…

Dragonstorm in Time Spiral Standard

Get ready for Magic the Gathering Champs!
In the new Time Spiral Standard, it seems that the combo deck of choice involved ramping to nine mana and casting Dragonstorm. Today’s Champs article sees Constructed specialist Stuart Wright take a long look at the archetype in question, analysing possible cards for the deck and producing two decklists that are both strong and durable. Are you planning to cook up a Storm this weekend? If so, this article is for you!

Building Decks With Time Spiral

Put your Champs deck to the test at the Star City $1500 Standard Open!

Stuart Wright, England’s premier deckbuilder, shares his thoughts on the cards from Time Spiral. He gives us a rundown of all the cards he believes will impact on the Constructed metagame, and offers an amazing twelve new decklists for us to tweak and test! The StarCityGames.com $1,500 Standard Open is this Saturday, and Champs are just around the corner… be prepared!