AuthorShuhei Nakamura

Shuhei Nakamura is a Japanese Pro with an excellent Magic resume. His greatest achievements to date include making the Final of Pro Tour Columbus 2005, and the Top 8 of Worlds 2005.

Pro Tour Prague: The Best Pro Tour I’ve Ever Played *3rd*

RGD Lessons from Pro Tour: Prague!

After a one-stop gap in Japanese Top 8 appearences, Pro Tour Prague saw two men from Japan grace the Sunday tables. While Takuua Oosawa went on to take the top prize, Shuhei Nakamura made the semi finals with the self-named “worst deck ever drafted.” Even so, it was an outstanding performace from Shuhei, and today he shares his patented RGD draft theories, and dares to suggest that the bouncelands aren’t all that…

Introducing Shuhei Nakamura: Japan, by the Japanese

We at StarCityGames.com are proud to introduce the newest member of the Feature Writer team: Shuhei Nakamura, finalist of Pro Tour Columbus and Top Eight competitor at Worlds 2005! While his future articles are to be Premium, we thought we’d kick off with a free taster. Today, Shuhei tells us what it means to be Japanese, and what it means to play Magic.