AuthorShaun McLaren

Shaun McLaren exploded onto the competitive Magic scene by winning Pro Tour Born of the Gods and making a finals appearance at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir, all within the span of one year. Shaun has also been captain of Team Canada twice and has four Grand Prix Top 8s to his name. Shaun started playing Magic with his brother and father during Ice Age and Magic has filled a big part of his life, and his heart, ever since.

The Knots And Bolts Of Jeskai

Fans of Mr. McLaren can only go so long without their Jeskai fix! Shaun looks into the future of the archetype, some innovative lists, and relies on his Pro Tour winning build for the right inspiration!

Krark-Ing The Modern Metagame

Matt Nass took yet another new Modern combo deck to the top of the mountain in Phoenix! Shaun McLaren took noticed and tested the deck extensively! Here’s what he found for you to take to SCG Cincinnati!

Hot Takes On Cool Modern Decks

Jace, the Mind Sculptor this. Bloodbraid Elf that. You know what? Shaun McLaren just wants to brew! Today he shows the out-there decks he’s played over the last month to get your mind working!

Shelf The Elf!

Shaun McLaren expected a lot of Jace controversy, but he didn’t imagine Bloodbraid Elf would steal the show! How are you going to beat this thing at SCG Dallas? Shaun provides the notes from all his testing on Bloodbraid here!

Modern Jace Places

It’s a blue mage miracle! Pro Tour Champion Shaun McLaren shows you all the decks he’s ready to try Jace, the Mind Sculptor in! Aggro kids need not apply!

B/G Midrange At Pro Tour Rivals Of Ixalan

Jeskai Control was a viable archetype and Shaun McLaren didn’t play it. This deck must be good! Shaun gives his take on Modern’s newest oldest craze: Thoughtseizing people until they’re good and dead!

Control And Combo In New Standard

Pro Tour Champion Shaun McLaren sees a lot of aggro running around this early format, as is the custom. But he’s working on the next evolution of Standard! His choices for control and combo are here for the taking!

Top 16 Standard Decks Entering SCG Philly

McLaren is a Pro Tour Champion because he follows the metagame trends! And yeah, we’re early, but these rankings are foolproof! If you’re battling Standard at SCG Philadelphia or beyond, here’s where things stand! Agree or disagree?

The Gateway To Control

Everyone prepare: the control decks are coming! Pro Tour Champion Shaun McLaren has his eye on an enabler that will spell doom for your Standard and Modern dominance at SCG Dallas! Is this card the real deal?

Lots Of Rivals Of Ixalan Top 4s!

Pro Tour Champion Shaun McLaren is ready for Rivals of Ixalan, and he’s ranking the bests from across Magic’s newest expansion! His pick for the best card in the set may surprise you…

Magical Group Therapy For The Holidays

Three formats and two online platforms gather for coffee, doughnuts, and group therapy. But will their season turn the holidays into hellidays? The twists and turns of Shaun McLaren’s mind are on full display!