AuthorRich Shay

Rich Shay is a PhD student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He researches usable privacy and security, focusing on passwords. He began playing Magic in Unlimited and hasn't ever stopped. He is best known for his work in Vintage and Legacy. He has played in several Pro Tours and Nationals, won two Waterbury tournaments, and a Star City Vintage tournament.

Leaving A Legacy: Secrets of Delver

After an 8-0 finish in the Legacy portion of the Season Two Invitational and a second-place finish in the Legacy Open as well, Rich Shay has an incredibly strong BUG Delver of Secrets deck that he finds incredibly strong… and the results sure are backing him up!

Spinning the Wheels — A Reflection on Optimizing Intuition Slaver

So, why in the world am I – the biggest proponent of running Control Slaver sans the Intuition/Accumulated Knowledge draw engine – writing an article about using Intuition in the deck? A little while ago, while discussing the merits of the Intuition/AK engine with some members of Meandeck, I told them that I would test Intuition in Control Slaver. Therefore, this article is a result of my effort to see just how good I could get Control Slaver to be, while also including three copies of Intuition.

Training Wheels – A Reflection on the Use of the Intuition/AK Draw Engine in Control Slaver

One cannot doubt that Control Slaver has been growing both in popularity and success in Vintage. Many prominent players were critical of the deck at first, but it has since put up enough results to convince the skeptics. While the deck’s ability is beyond dispute, what has not been settled is the question regarding the optimal build. In this article, I focus on an important issue that many players face when constructing their Control Slaver lists: should the Intuition/Accumulated Knowledge engine be in the deck?