AuthorPhil Napoli

Phillip is a Northeast PTQ endboss who's been playing competitive Magic for over half his life. An elder statesman of the game with a demanding career, Phillip has never lost his love for battling and continues to play in tournaments whenever time permits.

“And…In Seventh Place…”

Phil Napoli stops in to tell us about how he went from years of close calls to a Pro Tour qualification! Read his guide to Infect before you compete at the Premier IQ at #SCGNY!

Two Guidos, an Asian, and $1500 Big Ones

Judging by the title, you’d probably guess that the two Guidos held someone up for $1500 bucks using an Asian as a hostage. This is what happened (more or less), when John Fiorillo, Dave Chung, and I took the amateur prize at Grand Prix: DC this past weekend as “The Chicken Sandwiches.”