AuthorPaul Jordan

Paul has been playing Magic since the summer of 1994, and has been playing competitively since 1998. He was the NJ state Champ in 1998 and has qualified for approximately one Pro Tour per year since 1999. Paul is generally considered a better team player than individual, as is evidenced by his results, placing in the money in 3 Team PTs and playing for Top 4 each time, as well as in two Grand Prixes.

Statistics, Drafting, and Pride

When drafting with a group of experienced Magic veterans, it pays to play for something more than mere bragging rights. This entertaining article tackles the subject of playing for something more… By collating the statistics behind each draft, and by introducing an interesting system of “pride-bucks,” it is possible to support any bragging with cold, hard facts. Paul also shares some drafting wisdom, with comments on what it’s like to be fed by one Jon Finkel…

A Ravnica Draft Walkthrough

We have a second StarCityGames Featured Writer making his debut today – Paul Jordan, one-third of the Flores/Sadin/Jordan team for Pro Tour Charleston, Two-Headed Giant. In his first article, Paul takes us through his drafting process, providing a full RGD Draft walkthrough from first to last pick. He shares his opinions behind each chocie, and runs through the games he played with the resulting deck.