AuthorMurray Evans

"The Mauler" received his nickname after defeating former Pro Tour Champion, Olle Rade, when he was only 10 years old. If finishing 8th at Worlds 2004 and 4th at Pro Tour Nagoya are any indication, Murray has only gotten better since then.

A Walk on the Wild Side – Reevaluating Betrayers Limited

The Mauler has never been a conventional drafter, often making picks that cause other pros to shake their heads in bewilderment, but few people can argue with the results that he posts. Today, in one of the more insightful and yet highly controversial Limited articles we’ve published, Mauler gives his take on Betrayers Limited and suffice it to say that what Murray thinks about this format is may set our forums on fire with howls of disagreement.

The Intricacies of U/R in Champions Limited

Fresh off a Top 4 finish at Pro Tour: Nagoya, Murray Evans is here to give you the skinny on how to draft the deck that carried him to another Sunday finish: Blue/Red. In addition to detailing how to draft it in Champions Limited, Murray also gives you updated information on what will be good for the archetype out of Betrayers and tells you whether or not he thinks the deck will still be viable when the new set rotates in.