AuthorMichael Caffrey

Michael Caffrey is a Level 1 Judge and Legacy player. He is a Junior Computer Science major at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He's Top 8ed a 100-person Legacy tournament and Top 32ed 2011 StarCityGames.com Legacy Open: DC with 43 Lands.

Success and Failure At The Invitational

Thopter Foundry fueled one of the most degenerate Extended decks in recent years. Michael Caffrey played it at the StarCityGames.com Invitational in Charlotte to a less than spectacular record. Where were the problems?

Reviving Legacy Online

There hasn’t been a Legacy Daily Event on Magic Online in the past seven weeks. Michael Caffrey explores several reasons for the death of Online Legacy and offers suggestions for rejuvenating this once-thriving format.

Hive Mind

Hive Mind top 8ed both Legacy Grand Prix this year. Michael Caffrey runs through some games with Hive Mind, and shows you how to beat this powerful and confusing deck.

How To Stifle For Value

Stifle decks have experienced a resurgence in today’s Legacy metagame. Michael Caffrey runs through some common situations involving Stifle. Learn when to Stifle, and when not to—in time for the Vegas Legacy Open this weekend.


Michael Caffrey recently managed to borrow a playset of Imperial Recruiters. Follow his adventures playing the Aluren combo at a local Legacy tournament. Will it be a deck to watch out for in Kansas City?

43 Spells.dec

From the first land drop to the last Lightning Bolt, Tempo Threshold gives you the tools to win any game. The deck will reward players that have the ability to play it well and punish those who play it poorly. Give it a test run before Kansas City.

MTGO Video With Zoo Against U/W Stoneblade

Michael Caffrey, Legacy enthusiast, plays out some games both pre- and post-sideboard with a Zoo deck against Stoneblade. These videos will surely enlighten you to some of the finer points in this fundamental matchup.

Enlightened Tutor Lands: A Complete Primer

Thursday, March 17 – 43 Lands is a Legacy deck that uses a Life from the Loam engine to overwhelming effect! Michael Caffrey has taken the deck to high finishes and wants you to do the same this weekend at SCG Open: Dallas/Fort Worth.