AuthorMatthias Hunt

As 2011 Rookie of the Year, Matthias Hunt knows his way around a Magic tournament. With a Top 16 finish at Worlds and an additional Pro Tour Top 32 on his resume, he has shifted focus and become one of Magic's preeminent voices in articles, podcasts, and commentary.

Picking Out A Deck For PT Paris *31st*

Wednesday, March 2 – Matthias Hunt is on a roll this season and looking to make Rookie of the Year! Read about how he came to his deck choice for Pro Tour Paris and what he eventually decided to play that took him to Top 32.

The Deck that Won GP Atlanta (U/G Scapeshift)

Friday, January 28 – Matthias Hunt created the U/G Scapeshift deck that earned him a Nagoya plane ticket weeks ago. When he gave it to fellow player, Jason Ford, it took down GP Atlanta and sent 5/7 players to Day Two.