AuthorMatt Ferrando

Matt Ferrando is a New York Magic player who grew up playing with the likes of Brian David-Marshall, Mike Flores, Christian Calcano, and the illustrious Jon Finkel. Matt has finished in the money at numerous GPs and at PT San Juan and is looking to make his way back to the Pro Tour soon.

Spider Spawning To Top 16 At GP Austin

Matt Ferrando may have missed his Pro Tour invitation, but he still earned himself a top 16 finish and had a great time. Today he talks about his stories from the trip, along with his unhealthy love affair with the Spider Spawning draft deck.

At The Grudge Match: U/B Control

Matt Ferrando teamed up with Steve Sadin and Tim Landale at the multi-format Grudge Match in Philadelphia. He put in work on his U/B Control deck, and it seemed to pay off. Check out the deck for States this weekend.