AuthorMarijn Lybaert

With four Pro Tour T8s and a Grand Prix finals appearance already under his belt, Marijn Lybaert sits at the forefront of the next generation of Belgian Pros.

Humans In Honolulu

What was the most played deck at Pro Tour Dark Ascension? Humans! Marijn Lybaert goes over why he chose to go with the masses and details a sideboard plan for SCG Open: Memphis this weekend.

Two Decks For Worlds

Marijn Lybaert did not have a successful last Worlds, but he did find two decks that, with some patching up, could be excellent choices for your next Standard or Modern event. Check out U/W Humans and U/B Control.

My Pro Tour, Your Pro Tour

11:30 am on Saturday, and you pick up your fourth loss at PT Philadelphia. Your opponent is at five life, but for four turns in a row you fail to draw that much needed fifth land to cast the Lava Axe hiding in your hand.

Losing Is Winning: Belgian Nationals

Marijn Lybaert is one of the most consistently good players on the Pro Tour. But when things take a down swing, how does he pick himself back up? This article demonstrates the pro mentality to winning and losing.

Feature Article – Playing Zoo at Grand Prix: Madrid

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Friday, March 26th – Marijn Lybaert rocked to Grand Prix: Madrid with a Zoo deck and a desire for fun. While his Grand Prix performance didn’t set the world alight, he did learn some valuable lessons about beatdown in Magic’s Hottest Format. He shares his thoughts on the deck, and his play-by-play game walkthroughs, today!

Feature Article – Green/White/Black in Standard

Wednesday, March 17th – With Standard operating under a strict Jund regime, a number of strategies have arisen to combat this tricolor behemoth. Marijn Lybaert ran Green/White at Pro Tour: San Diego, and today he updates his list with a touch of Black and explains the pertinent sideboard strategies. Is this the Jund-killing deck that the metagame desires?