AuthorLarry Swasey

Larry Swasey made Top 8 of two StarCityGames.com Opens with his deck, Blumanji. He can usually be found on Magic Online at the top of the standings as krazykirby4.

The Biggest Idiot In The Room

SCG Standard Open: Boston Top 8 competitor Larry Swasey writes about his experience with Magic 2013 Sealed on Day 1 at Grand Prix Boston-Worcester last weekend.

My Secret Weekend Identity

While he waits for M13 to be released on Magic Online, SCG Standard Open: Boston 2010 finalist Larry Swasey shares why he plays Magic and disappears to play in tournaments on weekends. Why do you play Magic?

Insectile Abomination Domination

If Delver of Secrets doesn’t strike your fancy, Larry Swasey has some advice for beating it as well as some useful sideboard cards against it. Prepare to beat Delver at the SCG Standard Open in Detroit!

Miracle On Something Street

Looking for something to play in Standard at the Open Series in Nashville this weekend? Then check out what Larry Swasey’s been working on for the format: Esper Miracle Control.

The Boys Are Back In Town

What are the top decks and best builds of Avacyn Restored Standard? Larry Swasey gives his take on Esper Control, U/W Delver, Wolf Run Ramp, and W/R Humans.

Giant Is The New Titan

What’s going to be the deck to beat in Standard after Avacyn Restored is released? Two-time SCG Standard Open Top 8 competitor Larry Swasey thinks it will be ramp. Read as he brews a ramp deck from scratch with cards from AVR.

Plan B From Outer Baltimore

Find out how Larry Swasey fared at the SCG Invitational in Baltimore. He also has a Frites deck for Standard with a spicy sideboard plan. Consider trying it out at this weekend’s SCG Open Series: Des Moines!

Martyr’s Fancy New Toys

Larry Swasey tunes up the White/Black Martyr deck that made a splash at Grand Prix Lincoln. He also includes an updated U/R Twin list. Try one of these decks out at your next Modern PTQ!

The Swasey Shuffle: QPs-Gotta Catch ’em All!

Larry Swasey has started to grind those QPs, and the best way to do it is through the three most popular formats online: Block, Standard, and Modern. He has decks for all three, so if you want to win, try these tested decks.