AuthorKenny Oberg

Nicknamed "The Tezzerator" for creating and piloting the deck with the same name to a 5th place finish in Pro Tour Berlin. He is currently a level 6 Pro Player and has other finishes such as 3 GP Top 8s including one win in GP Gothenburg, as well as a 9th place finish in Pro Tour Amsterdam.

It’s Shoaltime: Pro Tour Philadelphia

Tezzerator creator Kenny Oberg got together a powerful Pro Tour team to test for Philly, and they came up with a super-fast B/G Poison Shoal list that sported turn-2 kills 30% of the time! Read about the deck and Modern.

“Broken Or No?”: Ninth Place, GenCon 2003 Type I Championships

In Sweden, Type I is very popular (as is Magic overall). We have two sanctioned Type I events each week in the city I live in; last year’s biggest event had an attendance of about a hundred and thirty, and the largest this year was about a hundred players. Those were both our unofficial Nationals for Type I. So I was well-prepared for GenCon, even though it presented a whole new metagame…