AuthorJoshua Cho

Joshua Cho made Top 4 at his very first Pro Tour, Avacyn Restored. He placed 2nd and 3rd in the same Open Weekend at DC, made Top 4 in Standard Opens in Richmond, Nashville, and DC, and won the Classic in Richmond and Legacy Open in Buffalo.

W/B Tokens In Modern

Guess who’s back on the Pro Tour? Josh Cho accomplished the feat with a Modern deck that he thinks is highly underrated! He’s here to provide you a complete guide to his Modern strategy entering #SCGDEN’s $5,000 Premier IQ!

Gruul Primer For #SCGCIN

Joshua Cho is back to talk about one of the new hit decks of the format: Gruul Aggro by Tomoharu Saito. He gives you a full primer with sideboarding guide, so take a look before the Open in Cincinnati.

A Trophy To Call My Own

Read how Josh Cho won the SCG Legacy Open in Buffalo last weekend with Merfolk and why he’s planning on running it back at the SCG Legacy Open in Washington, DC this weekend.

Tales From The Invitational

Joshua Cho, who placed 23rd at the SCG Invitational in Baltimore, shares some of the more interesting stories in Standard, Legacy, and beyond from the event. Prepare for this weekend’s SCG Open Series in Phoenix.

Modern PTQ *1st*

Josh Cho achieved his goal of qualifying for Pro Tour Avacyn Restored. Read how he won a Modern PTQ in Roanoke with his version U/W Tron tuned to combat creature-heavy decks.

PTQ Richmond *Top 4*

Last weekend, Josh Cho made it to the semifinals of a PTQ in Richmond with U/W Tron. Find out what he learned about Modern while playing in the tournament and the changes he would make to the deck.

Esper Spirits In Baltimore

Josh Cho recounts the experience he had playing Esper Spirits last weekend at Grand Prix Baltimore. Prepare yourself to play Standard this weekend at StarCityGames.com Open: Tampa.

A Zombie Infestation

Joshua Cho Top 8ed both the Standard and Legacy Opens in DC, and he put Hovermyr on the map. Today he’s here to make Zombies in Standard. Braaaiins!