AuthorJonathan Sukenik

Jonathan Sukenik is an under-the-radar New England Magic Player who has cashed a number of StarCityGames.com events. He is also known as Watchwolf92 and is in the Top 20 of the 2011 Magic Online Player of the Year race and Top 4 in Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed.

Intro To MOCSing

If you don’t know what the Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) is, learn more about it from Jonathan "Watchwolf92" Sukenik. He overviews how to qualify for it and gives you advice on the best ways to go about qualifying.

Why Do I Play Magic?

Why do you play Magic? Jonathan Sukenik hopes to inspire you to answer this question by listing why he does, so you can gain more insight into yourself and how you honestly view the game.

How To Lose At Magic

While you may focus on how to win at Magic, have you ever thought of about how you lose? Watchwolf goes over how learning from his past mistakes including mulliganing, pace of play, and health choices has helped him improve his results.

Cool Synergies And Interactions

At a PTQ this past weekend, Jonathan Sukenik saw some cool synergies and interactions in Standard that he’d like to share with you. Discover what you can do at this weekend’s SCG Standard Open in Nashville!

Barcelona In Retrospect

Read what Jonathan "Watchwolf92" Sukenik thinks about the Block Constructed decks he saw from Pro Tour Avacyn Restored after having played the format on Magic Online regularly since Innistrad was released.

Mono-Green Jund For Block

What did two-time SCG Open Series finalist Jonathan Sukenik spend the past weekend playing in Block Constructed on Magic Online? Mono-Green Jund! Find out more about this deck’s construction and how its matchups play out.

Planeswalkers Of Past, Present, And Future

Jonathan Sukenik, who has made Top 8 of five SCG Opens, goes through and evaluates the 29 planeswalkers of past, present, and future. Use past evaluations to help you figure out what to think of new ones in Avacyn Restored!

How About That Magic Online Cube?

Last weekend Jonathan Sukenik, who had only played Cube a few times before, honed his skills by playing a lot of Cube during the special event on Magic Online. Learn more about the Magic Online Cube and Cube in general!

Probing For Fun And Profit

There’s more to Standard’s most popular Peek than meets the eye—Jonathan’s here to educate you on how to Gitaxian Probe your opponents just in time for SCG Open Series: Des Moines!

Removing The Rust

Jonathan Sukenik felt rusty last weekend at SCG Open Series: Baltimore featuring the Invitational. He gives you tips for how you can shake off the rust and evolve as a Magic player the same way he did. Prepare for GP Salt Lake City!

Careful Considerations For Baltimore

With the SCG Open Series: Baltimore featuring the Invitational coming up, Jonathan Sukenik is preparing for both Standard and Legacy. Find out which decks he’s considering playing this weekend.

Deck Building 101 – The Mana Base

Jonathan Sukenik instructs you on how to build a better deck by paying more attention to your mana base. Consider his advice for your decks at this weekend’s StarCityGames.com Open: Dallas/Fort Worth.

Drafting Triple Dark Ascension

Interested in drafting triple Dark Ascension on Magic Online? Jonathan Sukenik can guide you to success with his analysis of the most successful archetypes to draft in the format.

What About U/B Aggro?

Looking to play something a little different in Standard? Jonathan Sukenik analyzes two sweet brews: U/B Zombies and U/B Infect. Take your opponents by surprise at Grand Prix Baltimore or StarCityGames.com Open: Memphis!