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The Justice League – GPs, Cons, and Video

Thursday, August 26th – Judging Magic can often feel like a second job. So while embarking on the long drives to GP: Columbus and GenCon the week after, I started to think about what kinds of things I could do for fun…

The Justice League – Ringing In the Changes

Grand Prix GP Columbus July 30-August 1, 2010
Thursday, July 29th – July hails a new core set and new changes to the comprehensive rules. However, the scope of change is seldom limited to the comprehensive rules. and is often further reaching than you realize. Don’t be caught out!

The Justice League – Judges Gone Wild: An MTGO Event For Judges

Grand Prix GP Columbus July 30-August 1, 2010
Thursday, July 1st – One of the tricky issues for the greater judge community is the subject of compensation and rewarding judges for their efforts. I think most people are aware that judges get boosters from the latest set when judging a prerelease or local PTQ. Slightly less well known is the fact that judges get special foil cards each year – judge foils.

The Justice League – Goodbye Extended, Hello Standard

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Friday, May 21st – If you’re like me, you’ve been drafting Rise of Eldrazi like there’s no tomorrow, or at least picking over the set for cards to give your Standard deck more umph! I’ve head judged a couple of Standard tournaments already and have seen some situations that are very likely to become staple judge calls for the summer.

The Justice League – The StarCityGames.com Indianapolis Legacy Open

Visit the StarCityGames.com booth at Grand Prix Houston!
Thursday, March 25th – Hello everyone! I thought I’d walk you through some of the fun and logic behind events that went on at the SCG Legacy Open in Indianapolis almost two weeks ago. I’m sure you’ve read or heard a lot already, but there’s one view I guarantee you haven’t heard: me, the head judge.

The Justice League – Grand Prix: Oakland From The Far Side

SCG Open Richmond!

Thursday, February 18th – As I write this, I’m currently killing time in the airport lounge of Phoenix, AZ, as I wait for my connecting flight back home to St Louis. I’ve just had three days of fun at GP: Oakland with the usual minimum sleep, so I thought jotting a few things down would help me stay awake to catch my flight and prevent me having another near cardiac arrest as another article deadline looms.

The Justice League – MMS in Indianapolis

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Wednesday, January 20th – Q: Player calls you over and says he’s in his post combat main phase and has only just remembered his Eldrazi Monument trigger. He has two 1/1 saproling tokens and a Vampire Nighthawk that he just cast this turn. What do you do?

The Justice League – Two Heads are Better than One

The StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open Series Comes to Nashville!
Thursday, November 5th – Now that we’re immersed in Zendikar, I really like this set. It’s a lot of fun, without having to be the most technically minded player at times. Fun sets like this usually have me thinking about building new decks, and that’s something that I haven’t done in over a year. However, when I think of construction I tend to be looking for cards that will fit into a Two-Headed Giant deck first and foremost.

The Justice League – The Mistakes ALL New Judges Make

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Friday, October 2nd – While most judges have probably used the judge center at some stage to set up exams for themselves, there is nothing to stop you creating exams for other judges that you are actively mentoring. By generating the exams for the candidate, you automatically become ‘privy’ to the results and the answers they give.

The Justice League – A Roving Report From U.S. Nationals, Grand Prix: Boston, and GenCon

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Friday, August 28th – U.S. Nationals marked a year since my first attempt at Chicago to rise to Level 3 in the judge program. And in the last couple of months I’ve been asked by a lot of people whether I was going to try again anytime soon. To be honest I’m been seeking an all too elusive ‘quiet couple of months’ in which I could polish up on a few things before then setting my sights on a date.

Justice League – Intuitive Interactions of Continuous Effects

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Friday, July 24th – It’s been quite a month of change for the humble Magic player and judge alike. We’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into the new M10 rules (albeit I was caught saying aloud, “Before damage goes on the stack” by Mike Suire at the prerelease last Sunday- it seems that old habits die hard).

The Justice League – To Waikiki and Back

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Thursday, June 25th – Hello everyone! The day my last article came out I was getting ready to start an epic journey. A tale that would take in four tournaments, in four weeks, and in four different states – Washington, Hawaii, Missouri, and Arkansas.

The Justice League – Regionals

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Thursday, May 28th – In my experience, Regionals tends to bring in a bunch of players with a wide range of ability. For some people this is the biggest tournament they will play in (unless a GP shows up close enough). With this in mind, I remind players that the Universal Tournament Rules states players must shuffle an opponent’s deck at the start of a game, and must at least cut a deck when presented after shuffling effects during a game.