AuthorGuillaume Matignon

Reigning World Champion and potential Player of the Year Guillaume Matignon had a truly breakout year in 2010 which saw him make the finals of Pro Tour: San Juan, and earn a spot on the French National team before ultimately winning the World Championships. Guillaume is currently looking forward to an unprecedented single match playoff against Brad Nelson at Pro Tour: Paris to determine who will be the 2010 Player of the Year.

Winning Worlds *1st Place*

Wednesday, December 29th – The new World Champion has a world-class tourney report! How did Wafo-Tapa and a mysterious, smiling Portuguese man keep him from going on tilt after his Day One 3-3 finish? Entertaining tales a-plenty!

Preparing for Worlds *1st Place*

Monday, December 27th – The World Champion Magic player (and showdown finalist for Player of the Year) tells the story of how he prepped for the tourney – featuring a look at what’ll be hot in post-Worlds Extended, a post-Survival Legacy decklist, and great stories!