AuthorErvin Tormos

Ervin Tormos is a longtime Ohio PTQ player. His first Pro Tour appearance came in Los Angeles, where he catapulted from complete obscurity directly into the Top 8. After a host of decent Day 2 finishes in Grand Prix tournaments throughout 2006, he recently made Top 8 of Pro Tour: Geneva.

Chatter of The Squirrel — Standing In For Zac

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Greetings from sunny Valencia! My good buddy Zac is currently occupied with a beautiful Spanish maiden so I’m taking one for the team and filling his post for the week. As I know Constructed about as well as a chimpanzee knows Chess, we’re going to dive into the realms of Limited…

Feature Article – A Pro Tour Top 8 Draft Walkthrough

Earlier this week, Ervin took us through his journey to the Top 8 of Pro Tour: Geneva. Today, he takes us through the draft itself in exquisite detail. He shares the thought process behind each and every pick, and has some sage advice for anyone wishing to ace a draft pod rather than posting a 2-1 or similar. Although it didn’t work for him this time, the advice he gives can improve your Limited game no end.

Feature Article — Making Sunday at Pro Tour: Geneva *Top 8*

After Ervin’s breakthrough Top 8 performance at Pro Tour: LA, it’s safe to say that he faded a little from the Magical Map. Of course, a few Day 2 Grand Prix performances are nothing to be sniffed at… but the Big Time seemed slightly out of reach. Pro Tour: Geneva, however, set Mr Tormos up for greater things… and you can read about his journey to the Top 8 here!

Go Figure – Pro Tour: LA *Top 8*

One week Ervin Tormos was just some PTQ kid Tim Aten introduced me to at a Grand Prix. Then, attending his first Pro Tour ever, he was suddenly a Top 8 contender. This is the unlikely story of how that came about, including the inside skinny on how Ervin sideboarded PT Jank against the field.

Mono-Black Death Cloud in MBC – *T8*

This is very similar to the list Brian Kibler posted, the main difference being my decision to run Echoing Decay. The deck is pretty straightforward, its main goal being to set up a massive Death Cloud that wrecks your opponent, at the same time suspiciously always leaving you with two Swamps and a Guardian Idol. At least that’s what happened to Brian Fulop and me.